Refill your empty inkjet cartridge instore

What do you mean you can refill my empty ink cartridge?

Well exactly how it sounds really!  Once your inkjet cartridge is empty there is no need to throw it away and spend even more money on another one...bring it in store to us and we can either refill it whilst you wait or you can drop it off and pop back later


Isn't this something I can do myself at home if I wanted?

First of all you can certainly buy an inkjet refill kit from many fine retailers and try it home but we can assure you that the quality difference (and hassle) will be a lot different if you allow us to do it for you.

One of the main issues with refilling at home is that due to the way that an inkjet cartridge is manufactured, if you try to refill it with just a syringe you WILL cause an air bubble to form within the cartridge sponge.  This air bubble will then lead to a few different issues ranging from lines in your print outs to your cartridge leaking inside your printer!


So how do you refill the cartridge in store?

MJ Inkjet has invested heavily into making sure that we have the very best in machinery for testing, cleaning and refilling your inkjet cartridge.

First of all we test it using machinery designed to make sure that the sensitive electronic components on the inkjet cartridge are still fully working and operational.

Secondly we then clean the inkjet cartridges using a specially designed and developed steam machine that will soften and remove any dried ink that has formed on the print head (the part where the ink comes out of the cartridge).

Thirdly we place the inkjet cartridges into a centrifuge to remove any of the old ink that has dried inside the cartridge sponge, this allows us to make sure that your inkjet cartridge is fully cleaned and ready for refilling. The cartridge is then placed inside an ultrasonic cleaner that has been filled with a solution especially formulated to clean inkjet cartridges.

We then use a VACUUM REFILLING MACHINE to successfully refill your inkjet cartridge. Refilling the inkjet cartridge within a vacuum chamber allows us to make sure that the cartridge is filled from the bottom of the print head also ensuring that the sponge inside the cartridge absorbs all the ink the correct way which means that there will be no leakage from the cartridge or lines in your print outs.    



Which cartridges can be refilled?

We can refill practically any cartridge which has the print head included in the cartridge; this includes those made by Dell, HP, Lexmark and in some cases Canon.

There are a few inkjet cartridges which are not able to be refilled such as Lexmark ‘Return Program’ as well as Kodak and Advent inkjet cartridges but we can supply most of those at a price that is just as low as our refilling service prices anyway.


So If you can’t refill my inkjet cartridge does that mean I have to still buy an Original?

Not at all.

For the vast majority of inkjet cartridges that we are unable to refill we provide low cost alternatives that work just as well as the Original inkjet cartridges.

A great example of this is our bestselling Kodak inkjet cartridge range which all though cannot be refilled we do supply high quality compatible versions of those inkjet cartridges for as low as £4 each


So how much does this cost?

Our inkjet refilling service starts from as low as £2.50 per cartridge with the most expensive refilling service we provide only being £6 per cartridge.

Don’t forget however that some of our bestselling inkjet cartridges (Epson, Brother and some Canon) can be provided to you already filled for as little as £0.99 per cartridge and so it’s always worth either giving us a call first (0800 612 8189), sending us an email (sales@mjinkjet.com) or bringing along an empty cartridge and we can work out what would be the best deal for you


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